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Atek Launches Stagehand® Wireless Presentation Controller

– Ergonomic clicker sports illumination light and advanced features –

SANTA ANA, Calif., February 2, 2009 – Atek, Inc., a manufacturer of computer accessories, today announced the introduction of the Stagehand Wireless Presentation Controller.

The 2.4 GHz slender black presentation remote control with silver buttons boasts several new features previously not seen in USB wireless remote controls.

Most conspicuous among the innovations is a white LED illumination light at the bottom of the remote control that can be used to check notes or fix equipment problems without needing to turn on overhead room lights in a darkened room during a presentation.

According to Atek’s president, Dan Rothman, the company developed the illumination light feature because interruptions are one of the most common spoilers of presentations. “A good presentation flows smoothly without disruption. Indeed, that’s the very reason remote controls are so popular now among users of PowerPoint, Keynote, and other such programs. If you can walk around a room focused on interacting with your audience and not have to call out to someone to change slides or not have to walk back to the keyboard or mouse to change slides, it makes for a smooth and effective presentation. But the darkness of a presentation room can exacerbate presentation glitches and thereby cause marked breaks in flow.”

Mr. Rothman added that these considerations also influenced how Atek designed the buttons. “Having to take time to look at the remote control to find buttons, or pushing a wrong button by touch, are also potential flow disrupters, so we made the slide control buttons big and highly color contrasted, as well as amply spaced apart, so that the wrong button is not easily pushed accidentally.”

Another innovation in Atek’s new device is the ability to control multiple computers with one remote control or to control one computer with multiple remote controls. Mr. Rothman noted, “We were one of the first companies to recognize the need for a wireless remote control that communicates with computers rather than directly with projectors when we introduced our Tote-Remote product. The Stagehand follows up on this tradition of meeting the needs of presenters by giving them the ability to use the remote control in a variety of team and multimedia situations.”

Mr. Rothman noted that customer concerns about such capabilities putting the presentation at risk of interference from unwanted remote control signals have been addressed with new patent-pending technology that provides “simple yet powerful ways for presenters to control what signals are accepted”.

Other features of the new product include the ability to do a black screen or white screen command and to toggle among open applications or presentation screens. The Stagehand also includes a laser pointer, and Mr. Rothman explained that the company went one step further than the typical built-in laser pointer functionality by providing a disable feature for extra safety in schools and at home. “Our company tagline is ‘Designed with you in mind’, and one manifestation of that guiding design principle in this product is making sure our customers have a way to protect children and pets against the potential danger of laser beams to curious eyes.”

Another customer-friendly feature is a neck lanyard. According to Atek, based on its experience selling products to presenters, the company knew that some people lose remote controls because they set them down and then forget where they put them. So the Stagehand was designed with a lanyard hole and comes with a neck lanyard with a quick release buckle for easy removal of the remote control from the lanyard. The company believes this new carrying option will reduce the likelihood of presenters misplacing the remote control if they choose not to hold it in their hand or keep it in their pocket.

The coin cell battery-powered Stagehand Wireless Presentation Controller, which works on both Windows and Mac and comes with a dongle type USB receiver, is available directly from Atek (, 1-888-889-9990) as well as from various retail and online stores. Suggested retail price is $49.95.

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